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B.W. | 2018 Graduate

Interests / Passions: 

I enjoy community and the church has always been home for me. I have been passionate about youth for over ten years. I have experience and enjoy working in worship and children's ministries. I have the desire be involved with outreach ministries in whatever position I go into. My heart is to reach the lost and disciple people to love God more and better understand what they believe.


Coming out of school, I will have student loans. With that being said I won't have a lot of money so I will need help. I do not mind getting a second job to support myself. The more the church can help me the better. If I was put in charge of a ministry, I would love to have a committed ministry budget because I will not have much to give myself. I need to be growing and maturing in my relationship with Christ.


  • AA in general studies (Ignite–Life Pacific College)

  • Enrolled in Degree Completion Program via Life Pacific College receiving a BA in ministry and leadership.

  • I interned in 2015 for Ignite, which consisted of assisting with youth camps. I preached at two of the camps and lead worship for a couple of them. I led small groups at most of the camps.

  • I have experience in worship both here at Ignite and my home church. This involves leading as well as being part of the team. I also have experience on the administrative side - printing music, contacting members, and coordination with the pastor. I am acquainted with a click track and MD (Music Director).

Affiliated with LPC–Virginia